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Tunnel trap 1 (Code: CMRT01)



  • Remove the lid  1  and apply a bit of bait  2  (bread, chocolate, cheese,...).
  • Put the lid back on the trap.
  • Open the door  3  and place the trap horizontally, where the rodents can pass and the trap can tip.
  • Check the trap daily and change the bait if necessary.

Once caught:

  • Take the trap with both hands, one hand on the door and the other on the lid.
  • Turn the trap so that the lid is on top.
  • Remove the lid, empty the trap and apply new bait.


  • Keep out of the reach of children and pets.

Usage item
Material: Plastic
Color: Blue, Yellow
Length (cm): 23
Width (cm): 6
Height (cm): 6,5
Sales unit
Number of usage items: 1 pc
EAN13: 5414187950204
Length (cm): 23
Width (cm): 6
Height (cm): 6,5
Number of sales units: 56 pcs
Material: Cardboard
EAN13: 5414187950211
Length (cm): 60
Width (cm): 54
Height (cm): 28