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Pruning shears 1R (Code: TCMR01)



These light but strong pruning shears ensure a precision cut that limits damages to the plant. The soft handles with shock absorber ensure comfortable use, ideal for long pruning sessions. The blades are made of high-quality hardened steel, which means that they only have to be sharpened sporadically.


  • Size: 210mm
  • Cutting Capacity: ≤ 20mm / 25/32inch (depending on the type of wood and force of the user)
  • Light but strong forged aluminium body with anti-oxidisation treatment.
  • Blades of finely polished SK-5 steel with a hardness of 54-56HRC.
  • Soft ergonomic handles with shock absorber.


  • Take the pruning shears in your right hand and open the safety lock  4  with your right thumb.
  • Open your hand gradually and the pruning shears open automatically.
  • Place the opened shears over the branch or twig to be cut off with the plant parts to be preserved on the right side of the pruning shears.
  • Close the shears  6  progressively to their minimal position. The cut-off pruning rest falls to the left of the pruning shears.
  • For the next cut, repeat the 3 above-mentioned steps.
  • After pruning, close the shears  6  to their minimal position and put the safety lock  4  on with your right thumb.


  • Lubricate the spring  5  and the hinge  3  regularly.
  • Sharpen or replace the upper blade  2  if necessary.
  • Clean the blades  1   2  after each use.


  • Only suitable for pruning branches and twigs.
  • Keep out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Use and store in a dry room, between 0°C and 40°C and in the original packaging.

Weight: 0.255 Kg
Usage item
Material: Steel, Aluminum, Plastic
Color: Black, Red, Metal
Length (cm): 21,6
Width (cm): 6,2
Height (cm): 3,1
Sales unit
Number of usage items: 1 pc
Material: Blister
EAN13: 5414187950136
Length (cm): 28,2
Width (cm): 9,2
Height (cm): 3,5
Number of sales units: 10 pcs
Material: Cardboard
EAN13: 5414187950143
Length (cm): 29,6
Width (cm): 29,2
Height (cm): 10,4