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Mole trap 1 (Code: CMET01)



  • The mole trap is made of extremely strong steel and is very durable even in intensive use.
  • The clamp is galvanized, making it corrosion resistant.
  • Due to the powerful spring, this mole trap guarantees a fast catch.
  • Large sturdy handles allow the mole trap to be placed easily and safely.


  • Insert the metal pin through the handle on the other side.
  • Clamp the handles firmly together.
  • Stop the metal pin through the hole in the metal plate and release the handles gently.
  • Place the mole trap in a fresh used corridor.
  • Cover the trap with turf or soils, so the mole corridor is as natural as possible.


  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Weight: 0.29 Kg
Usage item
Material: Steel
Color: Metal
Length (cm): 11
Width (cm): 8
Height (cm): 20
Sales unit
Number of usage items: 1 pc
Material: Plastic bag
EAN13: 5414187950013
Length (cm): 11
Width (cm): 8
Height (cm): 20
Number of sales units: 50 pcs
Material: Cardboard
EAN13: 5414187950020
Length (cm): 51
Width (cm): 45
Height (cm): 30